How we build our Homes

BITROS CONSTRUCTION SA meets all the required specifications for high standards΄ buildings in the execution of its projects.

Beginning from the foundations of each building and during its construction, the Company uses Antiseismic Reinforcement Thorax.
Antiseismic Reinforcement Thorax is an industrially produced stirrup of concrete reinforcement which constitutes the development of the simple spiral stirrup.
The Antiseismic Reinforcement Thorax is the only type of stirrup that provides the potential of full compliance to the antiseismic regulations in every case; thus offering the means to construct buildings to the highest possible earthquake security standards. Additionally, the Antiseismic Thorax is cost effective, easy to apply and it's accompanied by the guarantee of an industrial - manufactured product, thus elimination any risk of human negligence or error.
Its superiority over the standard reinforcements is due to it's spiral shape. In other words it is comprised of a single piece iron element, successively bent in order to wrap around the longitudinal rebar from one edge to the other without any interruptions. This means that it does not have any "weak points" as for instance the hooks regarding the traditional ties. These may be "undone" or "loosened" in case of severe earthquake, allowing the longitudinal bars to bend and the concrete to dismantle. The latter results in pillar failure and eventually, the collapse of the building.
The significant superiority of Antiseismic Reinforcement THORAX over the alternative types of stirrups has also been experimentally verified by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Reinforced Concrete Laboratory as well as of the Laboratory of Reinforced Concrete, Democritus University of Thrace (DUT). It is also acknowledged by the Hellenic Code for Reinforced Concrete (EKOS 2000).
Apart from the application of Antiseismic Reinforcement THORAX, projects executed by the company are characterized by the use of modern materials of high European standards, functional layout of the interiors, high aesthetic facades and complete configuration and planting of open spaces that surround the buildings.