MELIA Complex

MELIA Complex



High standard residences, built in a total green environment, in the borders of Municipalities of New Erythrea and Ekali.
In an exceptionally quiet region, with low building factor and in very little distance from the Barypompi’s node of New National Road Athens - Lamia, is found the group of residences, named Melia.
The residences are developed in completely shaped plot with trees, suited towards the forest.
All the residences are allocated with comfortable internal spaces, having excellent heat & noise insulation, big verandas, fireplace, underground parking places and store rooms, with access to the common swimming pool. All the materials that have been used are of high standards, meanwhile the residences are built according to all the specifications of New Antiseismic regulation with application of antiseismic armament THORAX ,which is produced by BITROS REBAR CENTER, member of the BITROS Group of Companies.
The residences constitute an ideal solution of permanent stay, as they are found into green environment which is offered for leasure such as walking, cycling etc and they are also surrounded by quiet streets with the minimum circulation. Meanwhile they are very close to the National Road Athens-Lamia, via the Barypompi’s node (almost 4 minutes).